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Ready to transform your closet into a sustainable fashion h(e)aven?

Because you want to look damn good and be nice to the planet + people at the same time. This list will give you all of this and more. Join our movement towards a more eco-friendly and stylish future!


This blog will give you all the desired information about sustainability and fashion so you can transform you’re closet in a sustainable h(e)aven. You want this badly, because you’re sick and tired of fast fashion and greenwashing. What you want is to be good for the people and planet and look damn good while doing it.

Read this blog to help you find the desired information you need and make it happen.

Let’s work together

Want to share your sustainable story? 

Share it on this platform if you have a sustainable (fashion) story which need to be told. Be our guest and contact us.

Just so you know – greenwashing is not something we want to be part of. So don’t bother sending.